Nadine and Kerry’s Workshop

Today I went to Nadine and Kerry’s Unstuck Workshop. I got to go for ‘free’ because I designed the poster for the event. Having said that I’d easily pay double their asking price to go again.

The workshop was a carefully considered, very targeted blend of yoga and kinesiology. Both Kerry and Nadine’s sessions focused on specific energy meridians. Yoga poses were selected to explore certain areas of our bodies and to identify blocks along the meridians. Strong emotions came to light for many of us during this time. Holding acupressure points along the meridians served to clear these blocks and get energy flowing again. The last phase of the process included a luxuriously long savasana and guided meditation.

Kerry and Nadine are a perfect partnership, their energies blend and compliment each other beautifully. They are dedicated to their work and to helping to bring real change to peoples’ lives. They are nurturers by nature. Combining their unique knowledge and experience they’ve created a workshop that encapsulates the body and the mind seamlessly, helping us to identify and clear emotions and narratives that hold us back from achieving the plans of our hearts.

Unstuck #2 runs on the 31st of July – unfortunately all booked out already! Watch this space though, many more exciting things are imminent…


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